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Aquaculture is British Columbia's largest agricultural export and an important part of many coastal communities. Aquaculture is also one of the healthiest and most efficient proteins that we can feed a growing population. Yet, for years anti-salmon farming activists, in the name of 'environmentalism', have bombarded consumers and the general public with claims that salmon farms damage the environment and that farmed salmon is less healthy than wild salmon.

 Activists want you to think they're financially outgunned by aquaculture corporations with deep pockets when, in fact, activist organizations are supported by billion-dollar U.S. foundations

 As you will see from information provided on this website, aquaculture misinformation has a single purpose: to frighten consumers into avoiding farmed salmon by presenting 'doom and gloom' scenarios.

 The purpose of this website is simple -  to give consumers and the general public a more balanced understanding of aquaculture in British Columbia, and shine a light on what has been a very one-sided campaign in which a beneficial, healthy seafood product is sacrificed in favor of scare-tactics, catchy slogans and activist fund-raising campaigns.


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